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Meeting Report

“Grand illusion of consciousness "is an annual seminar on studies of perception and attention


— Grand Illusion 1: phenomena, experiments, models. HSE, 23-24 September 2011 year.

— Grand Illusion 2: phenomena, experiments, models. SPGU, 23-24 September 2012 year.

— Grand Illusion 3: phenomena, experiments, models. HSE, 19 and 20 September 2013 year.

— Grand Illusion 4: phenomena, experiments, models. SPGU, 24-25 October 2014 year.

— Grand Illusion 5: phenomena, experiments, models. HSE, 9-10 October 2015 year.





— June 6, 2014 I. Utochkin, M. Yurevich. The Report "VSS Reminiscence".

— March 21, 2014 E. Mikhailova. The report "Orientation sensitivity of the human visual system.

— February 14, 2014 Yulia Kovas. The origins of individual differences in number sense and math abilities.

— December 6, 2013 T. Kotova. Report of the “Social learning — source of knowledge about the world or about another person knowledge?".

— September 13, 2013 D. Agroskin. Report of "Threat and defense: Motivational shift from avoidance to approach motivation underlies coping with threat".

— June 14, 2013 I. Utochkin, D. Devyatko, Y. Stakina. The Report "VSS Reminiscence".

— April 19, 2013 S. Cutini. Report of the "Optical Imaging in cognitive neuroscience". C. Dahl. The report "the Primate social cognition-a comparative approach". J. MacInnes "The role of attention in visual search".

— March 29, 2013 M. Ivanov. The report "Spatial representations: norm and pathology".

— March 15, 2013 E. Agadullina. The report “Multiple categorization or multiple identity: that better predicts improvement of inter-group relations?"

— February 22, 2013 T. Sysoeva. Report of “Emotional Stroop effect: the mechanism and communication with emotional intelligence"
— December 7, 2012 K. Alekseev. Report on "Construction of cognitive processes in experiment and theory"
— November 20, 2012 Y.Chentsova-Dutton. Report on "Culture and situational cues jointly shape emotional reactivity" 

— November 9, 2012 A. Latanov. The report "Psychophysiological mechanisms for solving the problem of visual search in humans"

— October 12, 2012 Y. Stakina, o. Mikhailova, e.s. Gorbunova. The report "ECVP Reminiscence" 

— May 25, 2012 A. Eliseenko. Report of the “Subjective uncertainty in complex problems"

—April 27, 2012 V. Spiridonov. The report "the impact of lexical units semantics of native language on the use of foreign language vocabulary" 

— April 13, 2012 F. Upravitelev. The report “Evaluation of effect size and the basic ideas of meta-analysis" 

— March 16, 2012 B. Chernyshev. Report of the "study on cholinergic mechanisms of attention"

—February 24, 2012 R. Vakhrushev. The report on "the role of subliminal events in spatial attention" 

— December 15, 2011 A. Poddyakov. The report on "Creating difficulties and problems for other subjects: sociokognitivye aspects of helping, destructive and diagnostic activities"
— November 29, 2011 M. Falikman. Report about Conference "Attention and Object" (27-29 October 2011, Rovereto, Italy)

— November 17, 2011 A. Chetverikov. The report “How we don't like what we don't remember" 

— November 3, 2011 V.Nurkova. The report "New technology regulation of autobiographical memory: crutches or hybrid memory?"

— October 19, 2011 I. Utochkin. Report of the ""Resource" determinants of detecting sound signals"

— June 8, 2011 V. Ovsyannikov. The report “Main directions of research of the processing of emotional information" 

— May 25, 2011 S. Yagolkovsky. Report of “Creativity and innovation in the context of productive mental activity" 

— May 11, 2011 D.Lucine. The report on “The relationship of cognitive and affective processes"

— April 27, 2011 I. Utochkin. Report of “Psychological effects and mechanisms of spatial attention" 

— April 13, 2011 M.Permogorskij. The report, "the theoretical basis and the methods of evaluation of musical giftedness" 

— April 6, 2011 A. Kotov Report on “Strategies to generate values of new words in early childhood”

— March 15, 2011 M. Falikman. The report "Attention and effect the superiority of the words" 

— March 2, 2011 V. Spiridonov. Report of “The psychology of decision of tasks and challenges: classics and modernity"


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