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Laboratory for Cognitive Research

Brain Tissue–Volume Changes in Cosmonauts

Van Ombergen A., Jillings S., Jeurissen B. et al.

New England Journal of Medicine. 2018. Vol. 379. P. 1678-1680.

Book chapter
Is emotional intelligence related to mood dynamics?

Mohammed A., Lyusin D.

In bk.: Теория и практика культурно-исторической психологии: Материалы XVIII Международных чтений памяти Л.С. Выготского. Москва, 13 17 ноября 2017 г.. Prt. 1. M.: 2017. P. 104-107.

Working paper
Different features are stored independently in visual working memory but mediated by object-based representations

Markov Y., Tiurina N., Utochkin I. S.

PSYCHOLOGY. WP BRP. Издательский дом НИУ ВШЭ, 2018

Main Objectives:

  • To carry out basic, applied, and multidisciplinary research on the human mind (perception, attention, memory, and thought), as well as on cognitive tasks and how the results of these processes are embodied in actual behaviour
  • To involve HSE instructors and undergraduate and graduate students in the Laboratory’s research, and to use the results of the Lab’s research in HSE’s academic process
  • To prepare new academic programmes and teaching materials as part of HSE’s school of psychology and other related disciplines

A new article about binocularity in visual search is published in "Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics"

A paper "Binocularity and visual search – Revisited" by Bochao Zou, Igor Utochkin, Yie Liu, and Jeremy Wolfe is published in "Attiention, Perception, and Psychophysics"

Undegraduate students from the Cognitive research lab won the Student research contest

Feb 6, 2017. The winners of the HSE Student research contest are awarded. Three undergraduate students of our lab won all prizes in nomination "Best undergraduate paper in psychology".

New article by Igor Urochkin and Maria Yurevich in Journal of Experimental Psychology

A new paper by Igor Utochkin and Maria Yurevich has recently appeared online in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. The paper is entitled "Similarity and heterogeneity effects in visual search is mediated by "segmentability"".

Anastasia Belinskaya and Konstantin Vostrikov won the Student research contest

We congratulate our colleagues with a victory in the Student research contest!

The fifth seminar "The Grand Illusion"

On October 9, 2015 the fifth annual seminar  “The Great Illusion” was held. It was organized by HSE Cognitive research laboratory , together with the Faculty of Psychology, St. Petersburg State University.

Invited lectures by prof. Patrick Cavanagh

Patrick Cavanagh presented three lectures in HSE, Moscow. The first one was intended for a wide audience, and the other two were for professionals in the field of perception and attention.